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Big City Quilting Co.
Machine quilting by Amy Lobsiger, computerized or custom/hand-guided
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Big City Quilting Co.

Guidelines for Preparing a Quilt Top for Longarm Quilting

Before dropping off a quilt to be quilted, please be sure to prepare your materials properly:

Do not layer the top, batting and backing. All three should be supplied as separate pieces.

• Backing and batting should be 6-8 inches larger than quilt top (i.e., 3-4 inches wider and longer than the quilt top). Items should be three separate pieces (not layered or basted or bound) — quilt top, quilt back and batting.

• The charge for piecing and preparing backing is $5-$10 depending on size of quilt.

• Batting should be one whole piece (i.e., no pieced battings, please).

• Make sure the top is squared and the edges are even. Please trim if necessary where blocks may be bigger or smaller than those in the row above/below.

• Make sure all seams are secure and as flat as possible. Consider sewing a line of stay-stitching 1/8” around quilt top on all sides, especially if the top has any bias edges.

• Clip any threads and remove loose threads.

• Press the top and backing well.

Please give me a call if you have any questions about preparing your quilt.