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After 37 years in business, Guildcrafters Quilt Shop, Inc., is announcing the transition from a brick and mortar retail store to an online shop.

My extremely talented girls who put just as much time and effort into the shop experience here along with me will be taking a well deserved breather from long days of shop activities to implementing wayward ideas we’ve had no time to produce.

We believe our original kitting ideas and quilting services will be even better and will be available online or at local quilt shows in the future.  Many of our future projects have been planned and kits are cut.  We will have the time, be able to do more of what we enjoy, and continue to do the very best for our loyal customers.

We will continue to have a website full of projects from which to choose.

Kits and other items can be purchased through PayPal or by check until a secure website is available.

Amy Lobsiger of Big City Quilting Co., quilter of many of our store samples and for many of you, will continue her longarm quilting and finishing business and can be reached at: 248-544-4364 or alobsiger @ Amy’s information will also continue to be available via Quilts can still be dropped off and picked up at the store during the clearance sale. Amy lives locally and arrangements can always be made to get your projects and return your finished quilts.

I personally am looking forward to semi-relaxed days in my future. I not only continued the legacy for my mother’s dream business for 37 years, but also had a marketing design degree and longtime career in advertising before my mother opened the shop.  I ran errands for elderly neighbors at 8 years old, worked a daily paper route at 10 and helped with my mother’s home business until my first official secretary job at 14.  I landed my first advertising job at 16.  I have taken two official vacations in all those years and have never slept in with nothing to do.  I made my first quilt 54 years ago and can’t wait to make all those that have been waiting for me.

The girls and I have some fun ideas we would be happy to bring to local guilds and groups as workshops or classes.  I will also be designing some row by row and shop hop progressive quilts.  What I find the MOST exciting is helping existing quilt shops with store makeovers.  I absolutely love designing and decorating spaces!  They’ve asked me for years, now they can experience the buzz and profits a new look can create.

Our building is being sold to an exciting retail shop that will surely add to the ongoing expansion of Berkley’s downtown shopping experience, still being kept a secret at this point in time.

Our doors will close February 18, 2018 whether or not everything is sold.

Until that date, fabrics and other items will be drastically discounted for quick BELOW wholesale cost clearance.  Discounts of 50% – 80% off will begin on Monday, January 29, 2018 at 10:00 am.

Many quilts, store samples, ready-made gift items, furniture and display items will be on clearance as well.

We have accumulated many years of custom displays perfect for quilt shops, but some wonderful displays for any retail business, office or even for home, workshop and sewing room use.

Gift certificates issued within the last 6 months will be honored. Unfortunately with sale prices lower than the reward amount, frequent buyer punchcards are now void.

To all our wonderful and inspiring customers, we thank you more than we could ever express in words for all the years of support. We have enjoyed many years of learning, teaching, sharing and laughs. Everyday was a new and unpredictable experience. We have cherished many customer relationships as well as mourned talented quilters along the way.  We will always remember all those that have made us better quilters and friends.

Forever grateful to you all,

Nanci, LoriBeth, Amy, Patti and Cindy



2 thoughts on “Guildcrafters News

  1. I am so sorry to see you close. You have been my go-to store for years. The quality and choice of fabrics couldn’t be beat. I will miss coming in. To all of you, may your next endeavor be profitable and fun!

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