Deco State Collection — Beginning February 1!


We are very excited to offer 50 State flowers presented in a fun “deco” style designed by Tiffany Lerman for In the Beginning Fabrics! You’ll want to collect them all! Fabrics will arrive in groups of 10 for the next five months. Flower fabrics will be bundled in these groups of 10 with each flower fabric cut being 10 1/2″ x 24″ for $20. We decided on this size to give you a wider piece than the lovely quilt pattern calls for (1/8 yard of each fabric) and to take into account some of the directional aspects of these pretties.

The February bundle includes Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida and Georgia (shown below). Bundles are limited  (we will not have yardage on the bolt).

State flowers month 1


Do you see the gorgeous quilt at the top — the America’s Garden quilt?? It is designed to use all of the flower fabrics. Well, if you would like to make that quilt, you can sign up and pay in advance for a set of ALL 50 State flower fabrics as well as all six of the pindot fabrics required for the quilt and the pattern booklet for $125. Signing up and paying in advance for the kit is the only way to make sure you’ll get all 50 State flower fabrics. As mentioned above, the monthly bundles of flower fabrics will be limited to what is available beyond sign-ups and will sell for $20 each. The America’s Garden quilt booklet will also be available separately for $9.95.

We think this is a gorgeous group of fabric, and a lovely quilt! And it’s the best and brightest way we can think of to get through a Michigan winter!

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