2011 Cabin Fever Shop Hop Winners!

This information is also posted over at the Cabin Fever Shop Hop web site.
Thank you so much for all the participating quilters. Many of the passport holders won at one or more of the stores over the three days of hopping during our hourly door prize drawings. Congrats to those winners!

We very much appreciated the many, many generous donations for our men and women in service. The donations were picked up by the Miracle Foundation and will be sent out to the troops ASAP. The outstanding number of quilts will be finding their way to Walter Reed and I’m sure will be a great comfort to all that receive them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now to the winners:

1st Place GRAND PRIZE for Gem Platinum 760 Sewing Maching valued at $799
Lynne Musson of Rochester, bought passport at Guildcrafters Quilt Shop, Inc.

2nd Place Prize for Jem Gold III sewing Machine valued at $329
Janice Schulte of Royal Oak, bought passport at Guildcrafters Quilt Shop, Inc.

Six 3rd Place Winners of the $50 Gift Certificates
1. Gail Ian, pick up at Monarch Quilts
2. Martha White, pick up at Guildcrafters
3. Tammy McPerson, pick up at Linda’s Country Quilts
4. Chris Goodell, pick up at Wendy’s Simple Stitches
5. Marlene Habitz, pick up at Mabelena’s
6. Janet Martinich, pick up at The Stitchery

The individual store winners were:
1. Monarch gave a $100 Gift Certificate to Peggy Knights
2. Guildcrafters gave a quilt to Nancy Rockman
3. Linda’s gave Art bin storage organizers to Vicki Tencza
4. Wendy’s gave a gift basket of quilty things to Claire Anderson
5. Mabelena’s gave a Bendable Brite Lite to Mary Curtis
6. Stitchery gave a Quilt to Kathy Fanto

AND the final winners for the event were the quilt shops. We all had a great time while helping out our dedicated mission this year. We always appreciate your patronage and efforts to visit all the stores.


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