Laminated Cotton from Westminster

And is it YUMMY!

We received about half of our order of laminated cottons from Westminster. They are gorgeous! We’re very excited to start sewing up some projects.

AND, have no fear of using this wonderful product. 

Here are some useful tidbits about sewing with laminated cotton.

•  Unlike oilcloth, laminated cotton is actually quilting weight cotton with a polyurethane coating. It is fairly “drape-y” and not stiff.

•  Laminated cotton is indeed waterproof although if you are sewing with it and want your finished project to be waterproof, you’ll need to seal the seams with a waterproofing agent.

•  Laminated cotton can be washed in cold water (drip dry is best).

•  Laminated cotton can be indeed be ironed (use a press cloth to protect your iron and ironing surface).

• If your project calls for interfacing, use a basting spray to hold the layers together until the project is sewn up.

• Store laminated cotton in a roll — creases from folding the fabric may want to stay put.

• Sew with a walking foot or teflon coated foot.

So, are you game to give it a try? We can’t help but think of making raincoats, but there’s a world of possibilities with laminated cotton — table cloths, placemats, a child’s art apron, cosmetics bags, and so much more!

We are expecting more of these beauties too! Come in, have a look and take some home!


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