V&A Patchwork Pattern Maker

Here’s a fun web site — the Victoria and Albert Museum Patchwork Pattern Maker.  At the site, you can upload a photo and turn it into your own quilt pattern! You can also look around the gallery and see what others have done.  Print out your pattern and we would be happy to help find colors to match so you can stitch your own masterpiece!

We did one using a photo of a hydrangea bloom.

Pretty cool, huh?

If you’re not familiar, the Victoria and Albert Museum (often abbreviated as the V&A), in The Royal Borough of Kensington & ChelseaLondonEngland, is the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design, housing a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects.

The museum is just about the wrap up a major exhibition on British quilts dating from 1700 to 2010.  Be sure to wander around the online resources related to quilts and textiles at the museum’s site — it’s fascinating!


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