Fun New Kits

We have some great new quick kits for you!

Do you need a fast baby quilt? How about one of these for a girl or a boy?



Bundles for these include the print various print fabrics and a free pattern. You can choose your own sashing fabric. Bundles are $16.99 for the pink version and $19.99 for the blue version. Aren’t they sweet?

We also have kits for an adorable flower pincushion designed by Anna Maria Horner.



Kits are available in two colors for just $6.99 each and include fabric and color instructions. Wouldn’t these make great gifts for your sewing circle friends?

Finally, Patti has two new banners for you.


These fit the cool wire quilt hangers we have available and are priced under $7 each (price varies slightly depending on buttons/embellishments). Personally, I would include an exclamation point after “school!”

If you’re looking for a quick project for a fast finish, stop by and pick up one of these great new kits!

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