We Love Gelato!

Well, we love gelato as a frozen treat, but we also love fabric Gelato! The Gelato fabrics are gorgeous cotton ombres that are part of the Cara Collection from E.E. Schenck.


It’s hard to photograph the Gelato fabrics and fully capture their radiance. We currently have two quilts from Michigan designer Mary Lou Hallenbeck that use these fabrics to great effect. The quilts will be leaving the store very soon, so we hope you will stop in and see them!

Orbital View (we have kits for this one)


The Orbital View quilt is approx. 60″ x 68″. Kits are $68 and include Mary Lou Hallenbeck’s ingenious pattern (the circles are cut from the squares, the blocks are seamed and the circles are then appliqued back onto the squares) and fabrics to make this quilt of soothing colors.


Constellation Cabin

Constellation Cabin

We have patterns and yardage for Constellation Cabin. This is another great method in which you sew simple log cabin blocks and then cut them to make the various wedge shapes in the blocks.

We have made another circle quilt with a variety of Gelato squares.

2gelato circles

Kits of squares for this quilt are $22 and include enough squares to make 70+ blocks (our quilt is approx. 38″ x 55″).

In the next post, we’ll show you a quick way to prepare circles for applique — either for this quilt or any other circle applique project.

Summer is (finally) heating up, stop by and get some Gelato today!


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