Guildcrafters Material Girls Program


Guildcrafters Material Girls Open House
Sunday, January 21, 2007
12 pm to 3 pm


Join us this Sunday to preview great projects and sign up for workshops geared for younger sewers, age 11 and up. Bring a friend, meet a friend.

These workshops are intended to give guidance and support to young girls interested in crafts and sewing. Sewing machine and rotary cutting knowledge will be the gateway to a creative future of self-expression.

The workshop series will start on the third Sunday of February and continue every third Sunday for a period of four months. Each workshop will run from noon to 3 pm. The workshop fee is $12 each Sunday or $10 each if pre-paid for all four workshops. The project fees are targeted to average $20. We will strive to provide what is needed at the lowest price. In most cases, project kits will be the best price, allowing personal choices of fabrics where we can.

A “supplies needed” list will be posted on our blog each month and will be available in the store for the next project.

Bring to class what you have from the list when possible. Anything you don’t have,
we will provide from the store either to use for the one-time project or to purchase for future projects on your own.

The projects will be planned according to popular choice, and a minimum of three students are required for the class to proceed. The schedule for the workshops will be planned to tackle the easiest project first, adding more involved techniques later.

We are hoping to complete each project in the allotted time frame. Other arrangements can be made if they are not.

The kits will have the materials needed to complete the project. In some cases, materials will be pre-cut to save time in class. They will also include the pattern or book and/or embellishments if needed. The supply list will be things brought from home.

Friends that are brought to class are welcome at any time but require a registration form signed by a parent with the needed medical information.


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